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Aliens Probably Exist. But not the Way You Think

When it comes to the topic of wedder aliens exist the majority of the public gets divided in to two groups. The first group that believes in aliens and they often describe them to be those humanoid little creatures with an excessively large head and eyes. The other group does not believe in aliens and dismisses the idea of life on other planets completely. The believers will talk about UFO Conspiracy's at Area 51. Alien abductions which always involve anal probing of some sort. And many are also followers of alien cults where the cult leader regularly probes his followers with his Pickle. This is really disgusting by the way, if the cult leader is ugly and does not wash his pickle between probes.

The non believers are right in that they recognize the whole alien cult thing as complete fiction made up by megalomaniac cult leaders and authors seeking a following for their abysmal ideas. Most of these followers are ignoramuses with usually very little reasoning power. There is a third relatively small group consisting mainly of scientists and people that care to educate themselves. This is where you'll find the truth. Life most likely does exist on other planets. In fact the probabilities are that life exists on numerous planets throughout the universe. But I can pretty much guarantee you that none of these creatures are little humanoid aliens that fly around in saucer like UFOs.

To get a better understanding of what such life might look like it pays to take a look at how life has evolved on planet earth. The earth is a carbon silicon based sphere with a large iron nickel core. the ability of the element carbon to form long and complex chains is very important for biology as it exists on earth. Organisms both complex and simple are made of carbon chains. The oldest fossils discovered so far date back to approximately 3.7-3.9 billion years ago. Those ancient organisms where all anaerobic thermo files and our last common ancestors. Scientist are not shore wedder life on earth initiated in a primordial soup that got a spark from lightening. Or wedder the earth was seeded with microbial life from a meteorite. If the latter was the case than life would have come from somewhere else in space, but note I said meteorite and microbial not UFO and humanoid alien. The earth was formed about four and a halve billion years ago. 3.9 billion years ago the earths atmosphere had no oxygen, it consisted of carbon-dioxide, water vapor and a small amount of nitrogen. Over time the earth cooled water condensed and formed early oceans, and it is in these oceans that life first started to evolve. The early earth's atmosphere about three billion years ago consisted primarily of hydrogen, carbon-dioxide, hydrogen-sulphate and methane. A primitive organism called cyanobacteria formerly known as "blue green algae" started to utilize the suns energy. Cyanobacteria formed a green pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll together with sunlight is turned Carbon dioxide and water in to carbohydrate and oxygen. this allowed the cyanobacteria to multiply and release large quantities of free oxygen in to the water and air. This eventually produced the oxygen rich atmosphere that later allowed bigger and more complex organisms to evolve in the oceans as well as outside the ocean.

The earth is just the right distance from the sun making it neither to Cold nor to hot. It has the right amount of gravity to hold on to a atmosphere but not so much gravity as to crush everything that wants to stand up. The earth's large iron core gives it a strong magnetosphere which prevents the solar wind from blowing away its atmosphere. Once these conditions where right life could start. There is no doubt that the earth is not the only planet in the universe that has these conditions or similar conditions where life can start to evolve.

Charles Darwin was perhaps the first who brought us the theory of evolution which plays a vital part in what we toady understand about how life came to be and how it evolved in to the complexity that it has. At first there were primitive single celled organisms that lived in the earth's oceans. Over time small genetic mutations happen by chance. If these mutations happen to be superior to life in a given environment it will become better at surviving and therefore procreating within that environment. If the mutation results in a inferior organism meaning it is incapable of survival in its given environment it will die and so will its genes. This is called natural selection or survival of the fittest. Over millions of years life has evolved in to primitive fish and other sea creatures as well as plants creating a tree of evolution. The tree splits in to different branches creating a diversity of creatures capable of survival. Once the beginning of the evolutionary tree has bean established it becomes next to impossible for a new tree to start from scratch If single celled organisms attempt to start new forms of life which does happen by chance, these new organisms would not survive because they will fall pray to the already more advanced organisms. Evolution is not fast enough to evolve a new organism from scratch that has the size or the tools to defend itself against the already existing organisms. If new organisms where allowed to evolve in a isolated environment away from the already existing organisms, they could evolve in to something that is big and strong enough to compete against the creatures that had evolved earlier.

Since such an isolation did not exist on our earth every animal, fish and us humans descended from the same evolutionary tree meaning we are all related. Every animal is like a twig that leads back in to a series of joining branches. The twigs that grow on the top of the tree are closely related and branches that split on the beginning of the evolutionary trees trunk are distantly related. For instance Homosapiens and Neanderthals are closely related and only went on different evolutionary paths very recently where as spiders and Humans are very distantly related and went different evolutionary paths a long time ago when there was only life in the oceans. There are many things that show us just how closely related we are to other mammals. For instance we all have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one mouth, a number of teeth five digits claws fingernails. The skeletons are virtually identical except for slightly different proportions and shapes. They all have the same set of internal organs. And all procreate via male and female. When you look at creatures more distantly related like Spiders and Slugs The differences start to get bigger Spiders have eight limbs instead of four and slugs have no legs at all. Al slugs have a male organ and some lizards can procreate asexually.

If everything that lives was to be removed from this earth and evolution was to repeat itself from scratch. We would get an entirely different and completely non related set of species. They might be asexual or instead of male and female they might have three or more different genders. They would not have the types of faces that we are used to. there is no law that says how many eyes one has or if they would develop an entirely new method for sight. Everything would evolve totally independent from what we have now. Even thou sometimes similar solutions might be found by evolution to take on certain challenges. For biting for instance something hard and sharp is required. This could be something that looks like teeth or a beak.

The reason this whole evolution concept needs to be understood in order to understand extraterrestrial life is because it raises two very obvious facts. One of these facts is that evolution will happen on any planet that has the right conditions for life, and considering the size of the universe there will be a lot of such planets. The other fact is that none of this life is going to look like a little humanoid alien. If such an alien would exist it would not be an alien but a primate related to us, and right beside us and the Neanderthals on the evolutionary tree. Such a creature could not be from a other planet where life has experienced its own evolution. And the notion that some alien believers have that humans themselves where put on earth by aliens is also a false one. If humans were aliens than so would every other living species be on this planet. Because we share the same evolutionary tree with them a tree that traces all the way back to single celled organisms. And single celled organisms did not deposit themselves on the earth with a UFO just in case you are attempting to come up with this nincampupish argument. Humans share about 70% the same DNA as a squirl or a dog. An alien would have no DNA in common with any organism on earth in fact an alien would most likely not even have any DNA as we know it at all. Instead they would most likely have a entirely different biological coding system.

To conclude this Article. In a universe as large as it is probability would dictate that there will be numerous planets that have complex life some of which are likely to have intelligent life and there will be even more places that have simple bacteria type life forms. But not one of them has a little green man that travels millions of light years across space to come to earth and anal probe human beings.

PS. Don't be a capitalist or there will be anal probing in the nether regions when you depart from life

Der Kaiser.

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