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Black Metal the Deeper Meaning of Life, Its Love for Nature & its Hate for Commercialism

Black metal caries within it a meaning that goes far beyond just its musical beauty, and deeper than its opposition against organised religion for which it is notoriously famous for. There is a fundamental reason why black metal portrays itself the way it does. Dark obscure trolls that dwell in deep and ancient forests and dark cold mountains. Black metal still lives in times before the industrial revolution where modern establishment along with its nauseating artefacts gets shunned. Black metal culture is harshly outspoken about its rejection of consumerism, commercialism and industrialisation which is a root cause for all that is wrong in modern society.

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The Stance of Black Metal in Opposing Commercialism

As the author of this website and the entity behind Kaiser which is in part a black metal band, I see it of grave importance to keep this culture alive, and to see it evolve in the right direction. Black metal culture has always opposed the suppression of organised religion. The mistake is commonly made to regard black metal as being fundamentally anti-Christian. The reality is however that black metal is fundamentally anti oppression anti establishment. Christianity has oppressed paganism which was native to Europe, and it is a religious establishment. Oppression and establishment knows no bounds and has managed to invade and dominate our life's in ways just as serious and aggravating as Christianity has done in the past. This invader of which I speak is the modern western establishment which has evolved and grown from the industrial revolution. In our present day nowhere does oppression and the establishment manifest itself more strongly and more prominently than in industrialisation. driven by production and commercialisation of every facet of human live. It is a invader which has blinded and dazzled many with consumerism, a natural sworn enemy to black metal. What is worse is that this invader has woven itself in to the fabric of human society forcing its will on every last one of us. Those with the awareness to see society for what it really is, stand alone in hordes of the blinded that have lost the ability to see.


The Measure of a Modern Human

A Human life I already predetermined by modern establishment at birth. It's this society that decides what you learn and what you don't learn at school. Once Adulthood is reached you will be expected to participate in paid employment where you will remain and work for someone else's cause until you ether get retired or you die. A view individuals will gain a lot of material and financial success. They are the elite commercial minded individuals who love and thrive on consumerism for they are the ones who manage to place themselves in to a position of power and control. Everyone else will be working and living for the cause and dreams of the commercially elite. Every humans status is measured against their career or employment achievements. How often when meeting a stranger is one of the first questions asked in order to get to know a person “What is your job”, “What do you do for a living”. It is deeply tragic that the answer to such a question should hold so much meaning in the eyes of modern society. Sure if you happen to be a Professor, a Musician or someone who has managed to make something which they love or something which is meaningful to them their job then the answer to this question has meaning. But most people have meaningless Jobs which say absolutely nothing about them. They are simply forced in to employment by a money driven society. Such jobs only fulfil the interests and ambitions of the employer. People trapped working in such jobs are not defined by them, such jobs are meaningless and nothing about a person can be learned from them.
If you want to get to know something about a person ask questions about their hobbies, believes interests and so forth. These are the questions that will reveals something about that person. They are activities or ideas that have been chosen by the person, they are things that have purpose and meaning to them, these are the things that tell you something about who this person really is and is therefore a infinitely better way in attempting to define a person.


The doom and Misery of Paid Employment

You are far more oppressed than you realise. What if you are aware of the empty and meaningless position society has placed you in. Your employment is not what defines you and for most people its not their cause. How many people hate their jobs and how many have taken their own life's as they found no way out of this perpetual misery. The establishment is deliberately set up in such a way to oppress you and make your escape from its deadly embrace virtually impossible. Those who stand up and speak out will be looked down upon by a society of blinded fools quoting insulting phrases such as “Everyone has to to work and everyone needs a job that's the way it has always been.” Implying that paid employment fulfils the purpose of human life leafing us doomed in this everlasting misery. The word abysmal is not strong enough to express the stupidity and ignorance such remarks hold.


Work Careers and Consumerism are not Part of Human Evolution and they are not part of Black Metal

Humans have evolved over thousands of years existing as hunter gatherers or as peasants. They had all the knowledge and all the material that they needed to survive. They created their own tools, They built their own houses and the furniture inside, they tailored their own clothes and they provided their own food. They had no money and they needed no money.
Kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen over millennia. In some societies Peasants where oppressed by kings and in most cases such kings would only take away from the peasants not provide them with anything of value.
Both the hunter gatherer and the peasants lived on the land on which they where born. If they needed something they would craft it themselves. They lived their own lives and their lives fulfilled their own purpose. Consumerist cultures did not exist. If a need existed they did what was necessary to fulfil that need. Modern consumerism is no longer about fulfilling a need it has become about creating a need where none existed and then selling a product or service to fulfill this non existing need. Furniture and tools used to get passed down over many generations. Today people will dispose of their furnishings every time there is a change of fashion or some new unnecessary gadget comes along. Consumerism is wasteful and it comes at a heavy price. Capitalism and much of modern industry revolves around this behaviour. Industry relies on consumeristic turnover. People spending more money and consequently having to work more to fund this madness. In the end there is only one winner and that is the commercially elite. Never in human history prior to the industrial revolution was it normal for people to spend their dais away from home working for someone else's cause in exchange for credits so they can dispose of their goods and purchase modern fashionable replacements never did peasants have mortgages on their houses and spend a lifetime working to pay them off. Spending dais away from home was certainly not the norm. There might be some exceptions such as Roman soldiers or workers who built the pyramids. However even these cultures are relatively recent and they are insignificant over the course of human evolution. Cultures which have migrated throughout history where not away from home to work for someone else. They took their homes with them and created permanent homes once their destination was reached and they where always working towards their own goals not a meaningless status within someone else's cooperation.


How Modern Establishment Forces its Will Upon You

Just as Pagans where forced to be Christian. You are trapped in a vicious circle forced to be a Employee and Consumer in modern industrial society. Sick and Tired of this oppressive consumeristic society. It stands to reason that one might hold a strong desire to become self sufficient like many pagans where long before you. To cut yourself free of modern society and live your own life. But soon you will have to come to the tragic realisation that even this option has been forcefully taken from you by the modern establishment. The right has been taken from you to live on the land on which your forebears have once built their one houses with their own hands and tools which they have crafted themselves. This most fundamental and basic human right has been taken from you. Taxes will be imposed on you simply for being alive. Unlike your forebears you no longer have permission to craft your own house. You have to pay the establishment and get permission from the establishment for that right. Such restrictions should only be used by government to keep private enterprise (Capitalism) in check not to deprive people of their most fundamental rights which every animal possesses. Those imposed restrictions leave only homelessness or death as a possible escape from modern establishment.
It is virtually unbelievable how little time it took for humanity to accept our modern money and work driven consumerist society as the standard normal way for humans to live, what is even worst is to shun the ancient methods of living which date back to the beginning of the rise of humanity as abnormal and weird. While being totally ignorant of the fact that this is how humans have evolved for many thousands of years. The Industrial revolution is a very recent event only about a hundred years old. It is not how humans have evolved and the modern live stile of perpetual work stress and performance pressure is not what the human body and human psychology have evolved for. Countless people live life in agony both physically and mentally. Very view people will thrive in such a society and reap its benefits by bending the system in their will. Everyone else will be a servant to this system, most of which will spend their entire lives on the hedonic treadmill either chasing dazzling consumer goods or striving to gain a higher status. Those smart enough to see the true state of this hopeless reality are left with no choice but to participate against their will. In a world run by money it costs simply to be alive an even the choice of a independent self sufficient live stile has been taken from us.


A Deprecated and Weakened Society as a Result of Eastern and New Age Ideologies

Eastern and New age ideologies are now spreading faster then ever I predict that soon these ideologies will even eclipse Christianity. Such Ideologies are welcome by the establishment for they lend a tremendous amount of power to corruption while at the same time giving the illusion of salvation to its followers who in most cases are victims. At the most fundamental core such ideologies teach its practitioners to look inside themselves for they are the source of their own problems. That reality will be the manifestation of their own thoughts. Subscribers of such new age ideologies are convinced that happiness lies within forgiveness to their wrongdoers. They delusionally believe that forgiveness acceptance and positive thinking will ultimately dissolve all problems, not only that but they are also convinced that providing resistance or opposition to a wrongdoer or oppressor will strengthen the oppressor while depleting you of your energy. I have also learned that New-agers convince themselves that rich and successful people are actually very miserable. In reality it looks more like they are in denial of their own miserable position in reality trying to confirm that they are better off than the elite who rise above them at their expense. The reality is that the elite are no more miserable than anyone else and many cases they are less miserable as they don't have to deal with things such as poverty work stress and aggravation due to being exploited. As far as wealth goes they to are on the hedonic treadmill.
If people want to believe such things that is their choice but it becomes a problem when corruption thrives as a result of such new age believes. There is no resistance from the establishment against such new age ideas on the contrary new age culture has found itself in to the fabric of society and manifests itself in increasingly cheesy ways. It certainly makes sense that the elite in this selfish consumerist society will embrace this new age culture for it will give them a a direct path to the top. When it comes to defending yourself or putting up actual physical resistance against wrongdoing New age followers are deprecated and will provide zero resistance even when aware of the injustice. They will literally watch as others shit on their noses


The Role of Black Metal in Modern Consumerist Society

Black metal culture can manifest itself in the form of paganism as well as Atheism or agnosticism. Black metal at its core is anti consumerism anti commercialism anti industrialisation. Black metal Is pro nature. This is the first of two precious qualities within this culture which lends it its tenacity and it's strength. It understands nature and live as it should bee, without the oppression of the consumerist money driven establishment. The second element which lends black metal its strength is that black metal culture knows how to defend itself. Black metal is reactive. Like in European Paganism, If you mistreat us we will retaliate. We live in a physical world where the laws of physics triumph. Black metal is a small culture with a strong voice.It's purpose is love for nature and hate for consumerism, its oppression and its exploitation of our beloved nature. We will express our hate and disgust in our music and in our lives we will spread it far and wide al the way to where the world ends.


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