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This page contains various links to other websites. Some of the websites linked to from this page are related to the Black, Gothic, Doom and Symphonic Metal genres. They are linked to because they are well liked by Kaiser. As a Kaiser fan and reader of this website it is most likely that you too will like at least some of those websites.
There are also links to be found on this page that are not related to heavy metal. They are represented here because they contain high quality information or other valuable content. As a reader of this website it is hoped that you to find them valuable and are able to derive a lot knowledge from them.

Kaiser Related Links

This Part of the link section contains links to various Kaiser related sites including social networks. Kaiser is not dedicated to social media and many of these sites are for the most part neglected and abandoned corpses. You may follow them if you so wish, and you might see an update next leap year.

Youtube The official Kaiser Youtube channel
Kaisers Youtube channel is well maintained containig al original Gothic Doom and Symphonic Black Metal content.

Bandcamp The official Kaiser Bandcamp site
Kaisers Bandcamp site is well maintained and offers al of Kaisers albums for free.

Facebook The official Kaiser Facebook page
The Kaiser Facebook page has a lot of likes but is poorly maintained. Kaiser considers facebook a waste of time and rarely postes on it.


This part of the links section contains music links including band webpages and links to other relevant music related websites. Most links fall in to the genres of Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom Metal and Symphonic Metal.

Immortal www.immortalofficial.com
Immortal is a Norwegian Black Metal band

Burzum.org Official Varg Vikernes' website www.burzum.org
The work and music of Burzum and Varg Vikernes, Ambient True Black Metal from Norway

Dimmu Borgir site.dimmu-borgir.com
Dimmu Borgir is a Symphonic Black Metal band from Norway

Emperor www.emperorhorde.com
Emperor is a Symphonic Black Metal band from Norway

Amon Amarth amonamarth.com
Amon Amarth is a viking metal band from sweden

Korpiklaani www.korpiklaani.com/
Korpiklaani is a Finnish Folk Metal band. Their music is strongly influenced by traditional Folk Music and many songs are sang in Finnish

Nightwish www.nightwish.com
Nightwish is a Symphonic metal band from Finland

Leaves' Eyes www.leaveseyes.de/
Leaves'Eyes is a Symphonic Metal band from Germany with a Norwegian Singer

Rhapsody Of Fire www.rhapsodyoffire.com
Rhapsody Of Fire is a Symphonic Metal band from Italy.

Type O Negative www.typeonegative.net
Type O Negative is a Gothic / Doom Metal band from Brooklyn New York

My Dying Bride www.mydyingbride.net
My Dying Bride is a Gothic / Doom Metal band from England

Myrkur www.myrkurmusic.com
Myrkur is a ambient elvenlike Folk Black Metal band from Denmark

Black Metal Radio www.blackmetalradio.com
Black metal Radio is a online streaming service which focuses on black metal music. Black Metal Radio has been around since the year 2000. It was superb from the start and very little has changed about its appearance and its function. On Black Metal Radio you can listen to and discover bands. Including obscure bands some of which you will not be able to find on conventional modern streaming services. For they have fallen in to oblivion at the end of the black metal era. Perhaps you don't care what your friends or people in your area are listening to perhaps you don't care what is popular right now. The good news is Black Metal Radio doesn't care either. You want to hear Black metal and black Metal Radio will deliver exactly that. Presented in a beautiful graveyard which throughout the years has remained unchanged. Upon entering this site one cannot help but feel nostalgic. Black Metal Radio feels like a portal in to past times.


This section contains links to miscellaneous websites which have not been categorised. These websites could be linked to for any reason and may or may not have anything to do with heavy metal.

Cristopher Lee christopherleeweb.com
Christopher Lee is an actor who has played many roles over the years including the role of the white Wizard Saruman in the Lord of the Rings. Christopher Lee had been asked to do some work by two Metal bands. One being Manowar and the other Rhapsody of Fire. Christopher Lee became fascinated by Heavy Metal music and started He's own Heavy Metal project named Charlemagne. He was born on 27. May 1922 and was already in he's late eighties when he started the Charlemagne Project and is now known as being the worlds oldest Heavy Metal musician.

Vegan Black Metal Chef veganblackmetalchef.com
Any self respecting Black Metal fan would never eat meat from a industrial source. Black Metal is a sworn enemy of industrialization and the consumerist lifestyle. Animals and the Earth are not here for industrial exploitation. If you really must eat meat eat free range. Even better become a Vegetarian. The Vegan Black Metal Chef is all about Vegan Cooking to Black Metal music. You have no excuses not to stop eating meat.

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