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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can money buy happiness? It is a question that I have run in to numerous times and the people I hear talking about it both rich and poor seem to have come to the general consensus of boldly stating that “money can not buy happiness”. They go on to say things like friends, Family and a whole lot of lifes experiences are worth far more than money. Taking a walk in the park is true happiness. Hearing the birds sing is what makes me happy. Those are the kind of cliché sentences everybody seems to subscribe to. And as with most clichés the people that reach for them never really gave it much thought and don't actually have a personal understanding of what they are talking about.

The question is “Can money buy happiness? “ as in does money have the potential to buy happiness and the answer is “yes”! If the question was do people know what makes them happy and would they exchange their money for it I would say no. But that is not the question.

Friends, family, nature, pleasant experiences, a walk in the park are al things worth more than money. I agree with that. But the people that believe in all these things and continuously mention that al these things are worth more than any money are also the people that spend long hours working exchanging their time for money instead of exchanging their money for time to do al the things that they quote are worth more than any money. They are really contradicting what they are preaching.

If you were to win the lottery you could buy happiness with your winnings. I say that and I know that what I say is true. You can exchange the money of your winnings for time to do the things that are worth more than money and that is how you exchange money for Happiness. It is really that simple.

This does not mean that there is no evil side to money which I'll get in to later. The only people that cannot buy happiness with money are the ones that exchange the money for things that they do not enjoy, or people that exchange an excessive amount of time for money. Those are usually but not always also the idiots that preach how money cannot buy happiness, and they turn their own opinion in to a reality. by in a way doing the exact opposite of what they say. these are often the kind people that say if I won the lottery I would not give up my $7 an hour job. Followed by the sentence. “Money can't buy happiness”. Which is then followed by al the clichés mentioned in the beginning of the article. Of course you cant buy happiness if you spend the winnings of your lottery on a million dollar house and continue to work overtime on that $7 an hour job. You wont spend much time in your fancy house since you'll be working al the time and you still don't have sufficient time for your family. This is just one of the hundreds of ways these preaching people stuff up.

This is how it should have bean done buy a modest house with your lottery winnings quit the $7 an hour job invest the remainder of your money intelligently and use the time you have gained to do the things that are wort more than money. The things that some people say “money cannot buy”, even dough it just did. Spend that time with your family, your friends, listen to the birds and walk in the park if you like take your family with you. Get a hobby build that model train that you always dreamed about as a child.

Money just serves the purpose of a currency if you have a certain amount of Money it means that somebody owes you a certain quantity of goods or services. Money by itself is not evil but the way money is managed and distributed in a capitalistic system is evil.

The simplest way to explain it is that time equal money. If the world where fair everybody's time would have the same value. When we do work our time is sacrificed in order to produce an effort. That effort will get a certain amount of work done, for that work we get credit in the form of money. We can then exchange that money giving the credit to someone else. In exchange for that credit that someone has to exchange hes time and put in an effort to do an equal amount of work for you. In a capitalistic system some peoples time is worth much more than that of others, and this is the very backbone of its evil. It is something you can witness every day when one person has to work an entire day, and spend the entire days wages to pay for someone else's service for just one hour . For instance one might have to work two days in a factory to buy the service of a lawyer for one hour. One could say that some peoples lifes are worth more than the lifes of another. That is the very foundation of capitalistic thinking. Our lifes are made up of time and time is valued by money. The amount of money you get for your time is how much your time is considered to be worth. In Capitalism the time of some people is worth a lot more than that of others. A system that considers some people more worthy than others by increasing the value of ones time and in exchange decreasing value of another's time is a system that is unjust and evil. It is a system that allows one to say my life is worth more than yours and it is your job to serve me.

The reason I went on to mention these things is because when you are deprived of money even when you have put in the effort it can bring you great misery and hardship it can deprive you of your time, your family, your friends, and just about everything that is your life. This can cause one to hate money and with good reason. But it is Capitalism that you must hate not money. Money is only a currency. If money did not exist. Capitalism would simply just require you to do long hours of labour in exchange for very little labour by somebodies else in return a much simpler name for it is Slavery.

The moral of this Article is. Don't quote clichés. Know what brings you happiness exchange your money for the time to do these things. I know you're probably financially struggling just to survive while some capitalistic enterprise is making it big of your effort and the efforts of thousands of others just like you. So why don't you go out and rip of some capitalists head and spit or shit down hes throat.

Capitalists you will fall. Korpfnagel hates you.

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