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Capitalism is not Democratic

I am writing this article as a reaction to a rather disturbing peace of writing i stumbled across on the internet. The article was in favour of capitalism and its primary purpose is to convince those Ignorant enough that Capitalism is the Most Democratic system one could hope for. In Summary it stated that in the free-market everything we do is like casting a vote When we buy something of somebody you are casting a positive vote for that Product, Producer, Retailer, Service provider, Etc.

This is a very misleading way of Praising capitalism. We do cast votes when we spend But more often than not we only get to choose our votes between really bad and totally absurd. Capitalists are thieves that exploit and deprive anything and anyone they can. Viewing capitalism as a Democracy is rather like a thief decides to Burgle somebody while giving them the choice as to whether thy would rather be Burgled at Gunpoint or given a death fret with a baseball bat.

In a capitalistic society one might hold a low earning job at a considerable distance to hes dwelling. So one is forced to drive there because there is no Public transport system available. And no that individual has tried to get a job closer to home but nobody would have him. And he can not relocate closer to work because the housing expenses in that area are higher than hes meager wages could cover. Hes employer is a capitalistic multi millionaire by the way. So far every choice has bean forced upon him by the crippling circumstances of existing at the lowest rank in a capitalistic society. Now that individual is forced to keep a car in order to travel the long distance to work. In truth he does not even want a car but it is forced upon him along with massive Costs of car repairs, maintenance Tires And petrol. All these things are not choices but things he is obligated to do in order to keep this miserable job that pays such a meager wage. Shore he can chose what brand of car he wants to drive and which petrol company he buys hes gas from but the reality is that is hardly a choice since he wanted neither of these in the first place and the ones he can chose from are al as bad as each other. It is also worth mentioning that the Car industry is run by capitalists that do not hesitate to take full advantage of the fact that society is so dependent on cars. We are talking about Multi millionaires and even billionaires that will make every effort humanly possible to extract the last dollar of a Poor worker that earns so little that one could almost cal it slave labour. In fact it is slave labour. Out of the small amount of money earned that individual is spending the majority of hes earnings on a Car. A car that he only keeps in order to go to work. In other words the car is there to assist him in serving hes employer. The poor worker has no desire to keep a car in the first place. He is paying a major portion of hes wages purely just to hold on to this miserable job in the first place.

Capitalism is not a democracy. When one has to eek hes way trough live you get very little choice about what you do. These circumstances are very constrictive to our lives and one can just barely exist. Any choices you do get are as good as the choice whether you'd rather be burgled with a gun or a baseball bat.

If democracy has led us to capitalism it has either bean the result o manipulation or the fact that in a democracy everybody gets a vote including idiots, and there are lots of idiots out there. The truth is that capitalism has gotten where it is with a combination of evil money grubbing people manipulating idiots that are to dumb to see that they are victims as well.

May capitalism along with its evil be banished to the nether regions where it shell stand exposed where its once protective shell will wither and its inhabitants fall pray to Shadows where the daemons of ancient hatred come forth to devour

Der Kaiser

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