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Choose Your Meat Carefully

Growing meat is unproductive and not an efficient or cheap way to get your daily calorie's. For example if you where to feed a animal oats in order to get them big and meaty you will eventually get a certain amount of meat in exchange for all the oats you have fed the animal. But if people where to eat the oats instead of the meat yielded from feeding it to the animals. You would be able to feed a lot more people for the same amount of oats and work involved. You are able to get more dietary calories out of the same amount of land. This is just an interesting fact but the real reason why I am writing this article is an entirely different one.

Inflicting harm on somebody else human or animal is evil ! Every time you inflict harm on somebody directly or indirectly you are responsible. Every time you eat Meat from a mistreated animal you become part of the cause of its suffering. Even if you do not grow and Butcher the animal yourself. If you were to hire somebody else to inflict harm or assassinate somebody you would be responsible for these happenings. It is not any different when you consume the meat of mistreated animals.

The amount of evil entities involved is numerous when it comes to animal cruelty. The chain of evil involves politicians, the government, farmers, butchers, stores and supermarkets, and very importantly the Consumer. Politicians and the government are guilty of allowing such farms and slaughterhouses to operate under such inhumane and cruel conditions, Knowing that it is within their power to put a stop to it. But they do nothing. In fact Capitalists encourage the exact opposite they only care for their own personal selfish needs regardless on how many bodies they have to step on on their way to the top. This is the very backbone of capitalistic thinking and how our society today operates. Meat production along with just about everything else in our society today has become a huge Capitalistic industry. Free to do and trade whatever they like as long as they have the capital to do it. Farmers will grow animals for slaughter under the most terrible conditions. Only one thing matters to them and that is how much money can they get out of this. The slaughter house along with everybody working in it is responsible. They take animals from the farmer and slaughter them knowing these animals have bean mistreated. This makes each one of these butchers responsible for contributing to this horrible shit system. The supermarkets are responsible for selling these same animals knowing how wrong it is yet they still do it for the glory of Capitalism and their overgrown fat wallets.

The final person in the chain is the consumer if you are one of them I urge you to never again buy meat from such a place. It is only because of the consumer that this industry can exist and for each end every animal that you refuse to buy one animal less will be grown. This makes a difference to that animal and it makes a difference to your karmic debt. Not eating meat from such suppliers makes you a ethically upright person. If you must eat meat Grow the animal yourself under ethically correct conditions and kill it yourself, If you cannot kill the animal yourself perhaps you should not be eating much meat and the meat that you do eat should be from a happy animal that comes from a reliable source, where the animals well-being comes first.

Meat is not necessary to maintain good Muscle tone. Yes meat does have complete proteins But So does milk and free range eggs. An egg is not a chicken until it has bean inseminated and incubated, and a cow can produce far more milk than its Calf will ever need when milked properly and yes cows do need to have calf's otherwise in twenty years or so Cows would become extinct.

Milk products and And eggs have proteins with all necessary amino acids. Even Plants have sufficient protein and when a large variety of plants is consumed each plant contributes a different mix of amino acids which when combined give you all the essential amino acids. Bees get al the protein in bee pollen from Plants and yet bee pollen has a complete range of amino asides.

Super large amounts of Protein are not necessary even for athletes or bodybuilders. In fact some studies have found that excessive protein consumption depresses testosterone production in men, not something a athlete would appreciate.

If you can live without I am proud of you. If you must have meat hunt and kill yourself or get it from a trustworthy source. Meat needs not be eaten every day and it must not be the main part of your meal. And the most important question you have to keep in mind when consuming a animal is How would you feel if you where the one that has lived this animals life was it a happy life or was it a life where you wish you wouldn't have bean born at all?

If you disagree and think that the pleasure of eating meat is worth inflicting pain for. and if you think it is acceptable to gain wealth at the expense of somebody else's suffering. There shell be a daemon for you. A daemon whose joy is so gruesome. Like you have done so many times he to shall feast and reap hes gain.

And So it shall be. Korpfnagel Lord of the Netherworld

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