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Dietary Protein Consumption

Society seems to be obsessed with protein consumption, everywhere you go somebody seems to tell you how important it is to consume sufficient protein and the worst thing about it is that everyone seems to be of the opinion that it is necessary for your health to consume meat on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that we live in a scientifically advanced world the general public is still very much in the dark ages when it comes to logic and scientific thinking. People who advocating the importance of daily meat eating always have the following argument. If you regularly consume large quantities of meat you will develop healthy muscles. The logic of eat muscle to build muscle seems to be the dominating part of this thought pattern. I am here to tell you that this is absolute bogus. It is nothing more than mutually shared ignorance amongst members in our society. In fact this is the perfect moment where I would like to mention a couple of other bogus ideas humans have had over the years. The following examples are just as bad and ignorant as the previous one. Te only difference is that because the general public is now a bit more educated about them that they make good examples of just how weird and and wrong such ideas are, the ridiculousness of it all is truly staggering.

If you eat lots of brain you get smart, In fact if you eat the brain of a genius you to will become a genius. And it certainly takes a special kind of genius to even come up with such a stupid theory. Yes you catch my drift if you are small you have to eat things that are big and if you need courage you have to eat the heart of someone who is brave. Use that logic when you're balding ask your local hairdresser if you could have he's hair clippings use these clippings in your favourite recipes and your hair will start growing again. In fact there are places on this earth where people eat the genitals of exotic animals in the believe that it will make their own genitalia bigger and hornier. God sometimes I wonder why I have to share this world with people that have such sick ideas.

Everything you have just read is of course false even dough primitive cultures al over the world would have had simplistic superstitious believes of one sort or another similar to those mentioned above. Reality is quiet different, yes some protein composed with al the essential amino acids are required in order to build and maintain muscles. Excessive amounts however are bad for your health. Primarily it is toxic to your kidneys. Muscle bulk is much more determined by hormones stimulus trough exercise and total caloric intake as well as genetics. We know that grass for instance has virtually no protein. Grass is also the the primary food consumed by a bull. Bulls have large muscle bulk and even more so if that bull happens to be a Belgian blue. The non-functional myostatin gene In the Belgian blue demonstrates that in this case it is the genes that are the cause of he's large muscle bulk and it is amazing to see that all this bulk is created with a diet that contains so little protein relative to the animals size and the quantity of food consumed. Also The gorilla is well known for he's incredible strength. gorillas are vegetarians that consume meager amounts of protein.

The point I'm getting at is even if you are not a vegetarian you still are very capable of building significant muscle bulk without the use of excessive protein. What you really need in order to build muscles is a anabolic environment and one of the most anabolic hormones found in the human body is testosterone. There are certain things that can be done in order to increase testosterone levels. Intense workouts lasting no more than 45 minutes using heavy compound exercises will rise ones testosterone level. And here comes the surprising news a Penn State study has found that there is a relationship between high protein consumption and a decrease in testosterone productions. If this study is correct and I believe this to be the case you should ask yourselves this simple question would you rather have low testosterone and a lot of protein sitting in your stomach at quantity's so high that it can not even be utilized and eventually wind up suffering from kidney damage. Or would you rather have high testosterone and fully utilize a small quantity of protein and I tell you it is the testosterone that will put these proteins were you want them.

If you are a bodybuilder consuming 2 grams of Protein or more you are overdoing it. 1.5 Grams per kilo of body weight is sufficient in fact even one gram will get the job done. I know I have strayed in to the topic of bodybuilding but I do find it very appropriate that I have done so because if a small amount of protein is sufficient to sustain a bulky bodybuilder it should more than prove my point that an even smaller amount is needed for an ordinary everyday person. On top of that It is worth mentioning that the protein you do consume does not have to be from a meat source. I discourage the consumption of meat. The meat industry is cruel and evil. I can express nothing but my deepest hateful thoughts to those who allow and support such behavior. All essential amino acids are present in dairy products. Many plants do not have all essential amino acids but if you eat a variety of plants with different amino acids you can get all essential amino acids from plant sources. Eating a low protein diet will not hurt ones muscle development in fact if you are a bodybuilder you could benefit from cutting back on protein. Spare a thought for the animals that have to suffer agonizing lifes and deaths and stop eating meat. Chose dairy products carefully and eat free-range eggs.

Kaiser thanks you for no longer eating meat The Kaiser also thinks that stupid people should keep their stupid opinions to themselves

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