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Life is Cruel

Life is fascinating to many people, but al forms of life are the product of those that have managed to survive a long and endless struggle. Life and nature are not the heavenly bliss that many see it for. On the contrary for every life there is much more death, every plant and animal compete for space. When a large tree falls in a forest a peace of land becomes available and like a power vacuum any other plant that finds its way there will try to fill that void. First grass will grow on the forest floor and a lot of small trees will emerge each one racing to the top in order to desperately reach for the sunlight. The shade of the young trees will son bring death to the young grasses on the forest floor, and out of the many trees that have grown there only one, the strangest and tallest will survive. It will take the space of the other young trees and as its crown spreads above the others eventually no sunlight will be able to reach them, some of these trees will survive as stunted dwarfs but most will eventually die. Not only do organisms compete for space they also feed on each other. Because of the perfect conditions for life on earth, animals and plants have evolved to huge wonderful and complex lifeforms. All this life exists in a brutal and merciless equilibrium. Every organism is decimating another by consuming and devouring it. If herbivores become to plentiful to many plants will be consumed and the lack of plants will then starve the herbivores. If there are to many carnivores they will run out of prey and then they will starve. There is a cycle in nature a cycle of one devouring the other. From the very beginning of evolution. There is only one thing that matters to life and that is its ability to survive and replicate. By what means this is achieved matters not. If it can survive and replicate it will life. This perhaps explains why life even for the survivors can be a cruel experience. Life simply requires the species to survive evolution does not care weather the experience is pleasant or not it only requires you to survive. One can survive with a tremendous amount of suffering and survival is al that is required in order for life to carry on and evolve. A fear of death is in every animals blueprint. In fact that very fear of death was favoured by natural selection because those afraid of death where less likely to get themselves killed. Think of people that have a natural lack of fear they are more likely to get in dangerous situations such as unnecessary risk taking like extreme sports, fighting or not giving potentially fatal situations the respect they deserve. These people are more likely to get killed before they ever procreate. This removes their fearless genes out from future generations. People who are scared of Tigers are less likely to get eaten by one because it is their fear that guards them from exposing themselves to such dangers. This very fear that allows most animals to survive is also the curse to much of life's suffering a fear of death and danger is the reason why a creature will do everything to stay alive no matter how much suffering and pain their continued existence may bring them. Even if such a creature manages to hold on to life by the skin of its teeth, it will procreate and this is how a species can survive regardless of how much of a struggle its existence may be.

Harmony in nature is not a peaceful coexistence between different organisms harmony simply means that the quantity of life, death and devouring between each organism is in equilibrium. This existing order of life does not allow for any new life to evolve from scratch unless a primordial soup is isolated from any already existing lifeforms, otherwise the existing life would prevent new development from happening because it is higher up in the food chain. Natural selection allows simple life to evolve in to large and complex life as it has on earth. Natural selection or survival of the fittest allows for superior mutants to survive. Mutations happen entirely by chance but natural selection of superior mutants happens systematically. Natural selection is a selector which allows the superior to live while the inferior and incapable are left to die. Very view mutants happen to be superior by chance and it is this continuous selection of superior mutants that allows increasingly complex life to form and adapt. Life for humans in nature is cruel and nature could kill many of us but our species would still survive. It is technology that could potentially make our life's more pleasant. This sadly is not the case because organised modern human society is cruel to each other. Humans use each other as slaves in order to build their own little capitalistic empires. And they show no remorse for any suffering they inflict on other members of their own species or any other species for that matter. In conclusion nature is cruel by chance and Humans are cruel by egoistic desires. It looks as thou suffering may not come to an end even with our potential technological ability to do so. This makes me glad to know that one day life will end. if the big rip ever comes the struggle will be over on every planet al the way to the edge of infinity.

This grim and brutally honest article was written for your education. Kaiser.

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