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Morals Religion and Atheism

When it comes to morals there are good and bad individuals. Some would sell their mother for a cooked bat and they do not care how their actions affect others, but only how it effects themselves. Some are cruel not only for their gain but because they take pleasure in someone else's misfortune. Others are very different they think very carefully about their actions and how it effects others and some even chose a hard path so that someone else does not have to. Unfortunately good people are scarce and I rarely meet them, the promise of gain has the power to corrupt most. There are many things that can influence moral behaviour and a persons true character is often obscured by external conditions and influences. Things may not be as they seem. A cruel and menacing person can become religious. They start believing in heaven, hell and afterlife. Such people start changing their ways. They start treating others nicely because they now believe in karma. I know this because I have seen many such people undergo this kind of transformation. You cannot help but wonder whether their sudden good behaviour might not have a much more selfish motif than it appears. After al who would want to go to hell. If a menacing individual starts believing in karma he might abandon he's evil ways out of fear of karmic punishment rather than genuine good intentions and concern for others.

There are Atheists, people who do not believe in any god, heaven, hell or karma. Such a person is convinced that when you die it is over. No rewards, no punishments, no justice. Jet there are atheists out there who are convinced that both god and karma do not exist but they still have morals that are to be admired despite their believe that they could get away unpunished. They choose to be considerate, kind and helpful to others. There are atheist who would never do to others what they do not want done to themselves purely because they have empathy and genuine concern for other beings. They are people who do good even dough they are convinced that they will never get rewarded for any of their actions. I personally have a huge amount of respect for those people. They chose to do the right thing for the right reasons. Such Atheists are far above many religious people. And one thing I must tell to any religious person especially those who think that atheists are inferior in gods eyes. Do think about this. would you uphold your moral standards if you knew that you would never ever get reworded or punished for anything you do? Because this is exactly what some atheists do, and if god does exist he would hold them in the highest regard and welcome them in to heaven despite the fact that they never believed in god throughout their lifetime. I am not saying that there aren't religious people who do the right thing for the right reasons I took the atheist as an example because the atheist is not exposed to the believe of reward or punishment and therefore he makes the perfect example of why you should keep good morals. This goes for every member of society and every religion. Genuine people like that, as scarce as they might be do exist in religious folks as well as non religious folks. Good religious people remain good even if they lose their religious faith. Where as bad members of religion have the potential to turn nasty if they lose their faith. Of course there are many highly religious people whose mind is so rotten and twisted that they even manage to be some of the nastiest people to walk the earth since Satan despite the morals that their religion teaches. They are people who manage to manipulate their interpretation in such a way to justify their sick ideas and bad acts they commit. History is full of such people and most of you could probably name more than just one such person. That you know or have crossed paths with.

Perhaps it is possible for people to learn good morals for the right reasons and maybe for some people religion played a part in the learning process. Sometimes awareness itself can help someone become a better person and I hope this article brings awareness to many. In the end religion or no religion I absolutely urge you to treat others well. This includes Humans, Animals, Plants, in fact any organism and nature, the whole planet and everything beyond. Maybe there is a heaven and maybe there isn't, and if there isn't a heaven or an afterlife then this life is al we are ever going to get. Nature can be cruel to many, but humans have the ability to think and with our ability to think we have the ability to make choices. You chose how you treat others the choices that you make can make others life more pleasant. The same way other people can chose to exploit you, or help you. if you make gains at someone else's expense you have chosen to be evil and I hate people that do that. It is unfortunate that most people fall in to this category in one form or another, Life would be so much better if such individuals would not exist.

It is also important to stand up and not let bad people get away with it. Immoral behaviour must be intercepted. Immoral members of society place a huge amount of strain on everyone else. Immoral behaviour is destructive. Creating something truly magnificent takes a long time, vandalising it only takes a moment. Immoral people are vandals that entertain themselves by vandalising the life's of others. It is up to every good person to stand up and stop accepting mistreatment by immoral individuals. You cannot rely on the believe that the invisible hand of karma is going to reach up and serve justice.

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