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Step out of Your Comfort Zone "Not!"

Everywhere you look it seems someone is urging you to step out of your comfort zone. Treating it as if it where some kind of a holy grail, the secret to our lifes which has only recently bean discovered and handed down to us. I cant help but wonder whether it came straight from heaven or from a new Book you can buy at your local store for only $59.99. I really find stepping out of my comfort zone “well” uncomfortable at best. And I am shore that it has to be bad for your health. Just think of the elevated cortisol levels in your blood. It is extremely tiring to be around people thinking that stepping out of your comfort zone is supposed to be the solution to al your problems, and whenever somebody expresses any kind of reluctance to do so they get looked down upon as if you where some kind of blasphemer who has just insulted their religion.

Life is a daily struggle. It is and it always has been ever since the first day that evolution began. Every animal and every plant instinctively strives to find comfort within this struggle for survival. Humans have brains and therefore can think and plan. Sadly some people don't use their brains to think about intelligent stuff or to make smart plans instead they use their brains to believe in really weird stuff. Stuff that is so bizarre that any animal would reject it because its evolved instinct tells it that this is not in its best interest. And any intelligent person would reject it because intellectually it doesn't make any sense.

One day your life will come to an end. And your final thoughts are running trough your head, you will contemplate about all the things you have with your given time. What will you think about? Will you remember a life that was enjoyable, a life where you enjoyed yourself and spent any spare time you had doing the things you love? Or will you remember a life spent outside your comfort zone where instead of enjoying yourself you where constantly thinking of ways to step out of your comfort zone believing that this is a good thing to do? But tell me. When it is all over and life has come to an end. What did it bring you apart from discomfort? It brought you nothing, apart from wasted time!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is way overrated and grossly misunderstood. Stepping out of your comfort zone is something that should be done with caution. Think about and analyze what the benefits are of stepping out of your comfort zone at a given moment. If stepping out of your comfort zone is going to permanently increase the size of your comfort territory it might be a worthy investment, where the pay-off for your efforts is a larger comfort zone which will lead to a better life. In this occasion you should go ahead and step out of your comfort zone. However there are many more occasions where stepping out of your comfort zone will not reap any benefits for you or the ones you care about. For instance if you don't like horseback riding but your aunt and her weird boyfriend invited you along because the rest of your relatives whom you don't even particularly like are invited as well and you feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. There is no reason why you should attend this activity. Someone might nag you to go along and step out of your comfort zone, arguing the case that you might meat someone interesting there. The truth is you are better to to spend this time in your comfort zone with uncle boldie in the bowling ally where you are just as likely to meet someone interesting. Plus there is a better chance that this someone likes the same pastime activities as you do.

I could go on with endless examples but the moral of this article is don't assume that something is good because everyone else thinks it is. You should only step out of your comfort zone if it is going to fulfill some kind of purpose for you or someone whom you care for, or if it is going to be fun once you get there like in the case of somebody eager to take up skydiving. In any other situation you should make it a point to spend as much of your life inside your comfort zone or in your newly expanded comfort zone. Life is really hard enough as it is and we should grab and hold on to any comfort we can.


PS. Kaiser believes that stupid people should keep their stupid opinions to themselves!

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