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Sunburns Skin Cancer and Premature Skin Ageing

This article will describe how and why sun exposure is dangerous especially when combined with a depleted ozone layer. Our sun emits a spectrum of light. The visible light spectrum which we can see are the colours of the rainbow with red having the lowest frequency and violet having the highest frequency. There are colours emitted by the sun with frequencies that the human eye cannot detect. Ultraviolet or UV radiation is invisible to the human eye and has a frequency higher than that of violet. Ultraviolet radiation is divided in to three frequencies UVA UVB and UVC. UVC radiation has the highest frequency of the tree and is almost completely blocked by the ozone layer. Which leaves us primarily exposed to UVA and UVB radiation. Lets first look at UVB radiation. UVB radiation only penetrates the surface of the Skin superficially and it is the main cause of Sunburns. It Damages the Carotinecites which are the Cells that our skin is made of. Our immune system will respond by increasing Blood flow to the damaged area and producing enzymes that cause inflammation. UVB also contributes to skin cancer and causes cataracts. UVA radiation has a lower frequency and penetrates deep in to the lower layer of the skin where it will cause the release of enzymes that break up the collagen and the elastic fibers. This will lead to rapid ageing of the skin. Because I know you are not going to get this unless I am really going out of my way to make a story of this. Many people tan because they want to look good, but the truth is if you tan regularly you will not look good for very long. Because UVA will almost literally age your skin overnight. Skin will become slack and loose its elasticity. The breakup of collagen will make you very wrinkly very soon. Your skin is going to look like the skin of an orange quiet literally, and you absolutely must understand that this damage is irreversible. But what is perhaps even more alarming is the UVA radiations ability to cause skin cancer such as melanoma, and you should be aware if you thought the sun was dangerous and I'm telling you explicitly that it is, Tanning booths are much more dangerous than the sun. Tanning boots emit around 90% UVA radiation. Its UVB emission is therefore low in relation which might make it seem as if you'd burn slower while the UVA is doing extreme damage ageing your skin and greatly increasing the possibility of developing skin cancer.

Where is the Sun most dangerous

The Sun is most dangerous when it stands highest in the sky which is exactly halfway between sunrise and sunset. The Angel at which the Sun hits the earth is a mayor contributing factor to the amount of radiation that reaches the earths surface, The closer the angel is to 90 degrees as in the sun being right above your head, the thinner the layer of ozone and atmosphere the sun has to pass trough which makes it more dangerous. The angle is not only determined by what time of the day it is but also by the latitude of your geographical location and the season. The closer to equator you are the to higher the sun will stand and the angle is always greater in summer than it is in winter. The final factor is of course the condition of the ozone layer above you If there is a gaping hole in the ozone radiation can be severe even if the sun stands at a lower angel.

Sun Protection

Almost all sunscreens only block UVB radiation which will give you false security. The blocking of UVB radiation will keep you from getting sunburned while UVA radiation is still fully penetrating your skin breaking down your collagen which ages your skin and increases your risk of skin cancer. SPF factors are an indicator of how long it will keep you from getting sunburned and is therefore only an indicator of UVB protection not UVA. It is best if you Protect yourself by covering up in long sleeve clothes and a sun hat or legionars hat. And don't forget your forearms and hands also need protection. Keep in mind If you are a white skinned person evolution has not designed you to expose yourself to equatorial sunlight. In the north where fair skinned people originate there is a shallow angle between the earths surface and the sun. This article was written for your own good please take it seriously. The Kaiser minding your health. Am I not nice.

Where the sun gets its energy from for the curious minds.

The Sun is 5 billion years old and will burn for another 5 billion years before it runs out of nuclear fuel. The Suns energy comes from a process called thermo nuclear fusion. It is a sphere of superheated plasma. Under this high heat and pressure in the core of the sun the plasma gets compacted to a density several times that of lead. This causes the positively charged helium nuclei's which would normally repel each other to smash together with enough force to jump across the potential wall and fuse in to helium atoms. In the world of quantum mechanics the classical principal of conservation of mass appears to be violated. This means that the constituent particles namely Protons and Neutrons of different Elements do not have the exact same mass. This violation of the conservation of mass is called the mass defect. Mass and energy are the same thing, Einstains famous equation “Energy = Mass times the speed of light squared” can be used to calculate exactly how much energy is being generated by the mass defect during the thermo nuclear fusion process. The mass defect between the hydrogen being fused and the resulting helium is the exact amount of mass that is turned in to energy. The sun converts approximately 600 million tons oh hydrogen in to 595 million tons of helium every second. That is a total mass defect of 5 million tons every second.

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