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The Unfair Distribution of Wealth in Capitalism

People seem to have a hard time realizing the relationship between maths, society, money and the value of ones time and life. When it comes to the topic about the distribution of wealth there is one argument that I hear over and over again. The argument is that if somebodies built a business from scratch and is now making millions of dollars he is a worthy recipient of such wealth and that hes employees are to be grateful to have a job despite getting the lowest wages possible. “he built it from Scratch” being the Key word of justifying this behaviour. Adolf Hitler built Nazi Germany from Scratch and he was going to conquer the world from scratch. By that logic The world should be called great Germany and Adolf Hitler should be our leader. Should he not? After all he build it from scratch and that justifies everything. Hitler aside the argument does not stand up to maths either. Everything that is man made has to be made by a person. Everything has to come from somewhere and everything takes time and effort. This is the way it is and no matter how much one dislikes that fact it will remain so. Anyone that possesses more wealth or material than they could have created themselves must have deprived others by the exact same amount. Ones gain is somebody else's loss.

The value of one hour of a persons life in a nation can be calculated by the mean average wage. It is calculated as follows. Add up all money earned and the total amount of hours worked by every citizen. Divide the total amount of money earned by the total amount of hours worked. Divide the resulting number by the amount of citizens that did the work. This gives you the mean average hourly rate. This is the mean value of one hour of someone's life. This is the fair value of ones time. If the mean average wage is $20 an hour than this is the value of one hour of ones life. But in Capitalism not everybody's time has the same value. Some people are only worth $10 an hour. This means that the other $10 that he is missing out on are being collected by somebodies else who now gets $ 30 an hour. As one might expect there are a lot of people that only get $10 If the owner of a large cooperation has one thousand employees and he deprives each employee of $10 which means everybody being employed by him gets $ 10 an hour and he gets the other $10 which is their shortcoming from the average of $20. The owner of this corporation has now gained 1000 times $10 which makes $10 000 an hour. The numbers I have bean talking about so far are profit only. I am making an example of a nation with a mean average wage of $20 an hour. The company in my example for the sake of mathematical simplicity also makes a mean average of $20 an hour per person. In reality there is of course also inequality between different companies just as there are inequality between different individuals. The owners hourly earnings of $10 000 therefore excludes any expenses. If somebody requires a service from this particular corporation they might have to pay $ 30 per hour of service. $10 goes to the employee $10 Goes to the owner and $10 are to cover other expenses e.g. facility materials etc. In this case it is assumed that those $10 cover 30 minutes of time from other parties that are charging the average $20 an hour. In reality the other parties might get deprived or try to deprive someone else. They might also have to charge more to cover for material that they might use but I will not include any more detail for the sake of simplicity. The above scenario is just one example of how one man's gain is anthers loss when it comes to uneven distribution of wealth. In reality the wages earned can be any number and there are many ways that one can deprive another Some small businesses might mange to deprive their employees a lot but might themselves get deprived by any number of larger cooperations. Following the exact accounts of how much money goes where does not need to be followed in order to understand the simple measure of where you stand If $20 would be the mean average of your nation tan you can compare your wage to that average to see whether you are getting a fair deal. Of course one would have to keep in mind that one nation might be depriving another nation pushing the value of your nations Currency and wages up or down.

Some people in favour of Capitalism will criticise socialism for supporting lazy slobs on the benefit. A person on a benefit might collect $200 a week with other words he will deprive society by then hours over the period of one week. But what I think is far more alarming in capitalism is that a capitalist might work 40 hours a week and makes a profit of $10 000. Lets break this down. 40 hoers are worth $800 which means that he is deprived society of exactly $9200 or 460 man hoers over the period of one week. This is one single man depriving society by an amount equivalent to 46 lazy slobs on the doll. But yet those people attacking socialism think of such a high earning capitalist as an example of success and achievement. In reality Capitalists like this could very well be the reason for at least some of the people on welfare benefits because in an effort to make more money such a capitalist would try to reduce the number of employees. On the other hand the kind of socialism that I believe in does not encourage people to go on benefits but rather distribute the available hoers evenly amongst everybody giving opportunities that did not exist for people on welfare the average working week would be shorter for everyone al corporations should be government owned and controlled and everybody should get the same hourly wage of $20 or whatever the mean average income is. This would make up for any decrease in hours. And nobody would be on welfare anymore. People have this strange illusion of thinking that if someone is working long and hard that they are entitled to extra money. If a capitalistic entrepreneur works 80 hoer weeks does not mean that it is morally right that he earns $ 10 000 an hour $9200 of which comes at someone else's expense. By this logic a labourer could work 80 hours a week and then rob a bank. We could then say this is a hard working man he works 80 hours a week and should therefore not be punished.

Say no to capitalism. The more you hate capitalism the more the Kaiser will love you.

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