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The Untiring Struggle for Superiority, Men verses Women

Who is superior men or women? This is a curious and endless obsession that seems to occupy peoples minds. An endless debate, a seeming struggle that has more in common with conflicting belief systems than a scientific understanding. People debating this topic have a habit of referring to one gender as more powerful than the other. As someone who loves physics power is the wrong word to use. I take it that powerful in this case is used as a metaphor for superiority. And In most cases I will be using the word Superior in place of Powerful for the rest of this article.

It seems that a significant part of the population has a very strong and deeply rooted believe that either men are superior to women, or that women are superior to men. Often they think of their own gender as being superior but the believe that the opposite gender is superior is not uncommon. People who think of one gender as being superior over the other feel a persistent and untiring need to constantly inform us of their opinion. That is why time and time again I get drawn in to these debates. I insist that men and women are of equal superiority, or inferiority for that matter. When amongst a group of people thinking of men as superior I get seen as a betrayer of all that represents manliness. When amongst a group of people considering women to be superior I get seen as someone who can't handle being a member of the inferior gender, a sore looser. Yes fuck you to. I just can't quiet understand as to why I rarely meet people who think of men and women as equals and even more so the endless resistance against my opinion that as a whole neither man nor woman can be singled out as being superior over the other.

In conversations that I have been drawn in to or that I have witnessed, none of either party has ever been able to debate rationally why one is supposedly superior over the other. In fact it has happened on several occasions that people said that they cannot have this conversation with me because I’m being to analytical. How the hell are you going to determine if the superiority of one gender over another without being analytical, “A coin toss perhaps”? It seems obvious to me that those individuals are largely uneducated about the topic. When I analyse their reasoning the fact that they're opinions are nothing more than that an “opinions”. They quickly realize that they’re believe system which is largely a irrational one, does not stand a chance against analytical scrutiny. An attempt is then often made at belittling rationality and and analytical thinking. That is of course nothing more than a desperate attempt to protect a cherished but false believe.
Given the enormous ignorance. I have made the decision to write this article as to whether men and women are superior. I will analyse scrutinize and debunk opinions that fail to explain themselves. A detailed description of biological and psychological differences between men and women will follow. If you agree with me you will like this article. If you are open to analytical and logical thinking go ahead and read. If you disagree with me you can scream at the monitor and pull your own hair out. logic rules on this site. If you don't like it close this page and return to your “Women are more powerful than men cult” or “Men are more powerful then women cult”. Go hide in your irrational world of illogic, unreason and ignorance.

Before I start my analysis it must be known that for all comparisons I will use averages. Dogs are larger than domesticated Cats. This statement is true according to averages but everyone knows that some large cats are larger than very small dogs. In order to determine whether men or women are superior first you need to define what superiority is. In order for one to be superior over the other one must possess traits that are more advanced. Both men and women possess physical as well as mental or psychological traits that are superior over the other. But the key is that both are superior at certain traits only which overall makes them even. Now the only way one can be superior over the other is if certain traits have a higher value. Deciding If physical strength or golden ratios are of higher value is impossible to do. all traits serve a purpose and each has a value within a certain situation. certain people value certain traits more than others and some of them are incapable of comprehending how other traits might hold value outside of their own limited head space.

Physically Men have greater Muscle strength and are taller, Womens physical appearance conforms more closely to the golden ratio. Intellectually and mental capacity is also divided. For instance in both IQ tests and personality tests there are many categories, in some of which individuals influenced by testosterone will perform better and some of which individuals influenced by progesterone or oestrogen will do better.
It is clear that both men and women posses over traits that hold significant meaning whether you recognize it or not. Some traits will be valued more highly by certain individuals than others but individual opinions are not a universal standard. There are even traits which are of significant evolutionary value which might not get recognized by most. Both genders have evolved the way they are because it works and because the traits of each has proven successful at surviving and thriving. Men and women are of equal superiority.

Now I would like to take this further beyond the limitation of average human thinking. The reality is that this world and certainly the universe does not revolve around Men and Women to which I will refer to as male and female from heron forward. Most people take male and female for granted but as any biologist would know Most biological organisms on earth are either Hermaphrodites or asexual. Some Hermaphrodites are both male and female at the same time and some can swap between being male or female. Most plants and and invertebrates fall in to this category. Hermaphrodites can either self fertilize or they can fertilize each other. Their reproductive organs are not comparable to those of humans and their reproductive method is also not comparable to humans, furthermore they are hermaphrodites and not man and woman. Asexual organisms are neither male nor female and they can self replicate. I simply felt the need to point this out because humans tend to forget that as far as life is concerned on this planet and the rest of the Universe for that matter that the world is not dominated by man and woman male and female.

From a evolutionary biology point of view we can more clearly understand some of the differences between males and females and for many species it has a lot to do with parental investment. Parental investment is how much time, effort and resources have to be infested in to a offspring. If there were a species that could produce a independent fully fledged offspring just by blinking an eye that would be a extremely small parental investment. If another species would have to dedicate 10 years in to one offspring and could not produce any other offspring during that 10 year period that would be a very large parental investment. Parental investment between males and females within a species is not always the same. In humans and most animals that the average person is familiar with it turns out that the parental investment is much smaller for the male than it is for the female. This has given rise to evolutionary differences that are best described by evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology as these differences are both physical and psychological. Males on average are larger more aggressive and risk taking. While females on average are more selective and caution. In Humans for instance If a female gets pregnant she will not be able to have any other offspring for 9 months and once the baby is born she has to raise it whether the father is present or not. This is a large parental investment and it makes evolutionary sense that she be careful and choosy about whom she mates with because the consequences are huge. The human male on the other hand has a very small parental investment he does not have to carry the baby for 9 months. he could biologically produce hundreds of offspring within the same time frame. Therefore evolution does not require him to be choosy and cautious. Males are more aggressive on average because they compete against other males for reproductive access. Those that win pass on their genes. In Humans females Chose males that provide and stick around and in animals Females chose the alpha male.

We refer to these physical and psychological differences between males and females as Masculine and Feminine traits. But now comes the interesting part. There are species where the male has a larger parental investment than the females like Pipefish. The female pipefish gives the eggs to the male who fertilises them and carries them in a pouch for several weeks. This is a large parental investment for the male pipe fish while the female Pipefish can go of impregnating many other males. What happens is that male pipefish are smaller more cautious and choosy than females, while female pipefish are larger more aggressive and they compete against other females for access to males. This shows us that feminine and masculine traits are not determined by whether someone is male or female but rather by how big the parental investment is. There are species where parental investment for males and females is about the same. Penguins for example raise their offspring together and it is not surprising to discover that both male and females Penguins are of more or less equal size and aggression. It is important to realise that the only fundamental connection feminine has with female and masculine has with male is its name. biologically and psychologically masculine and feminine is far more closely associated with parental investment. And it just so happens that we are more familiar with species where females have a larger parental investment. but it certainly is not universal.

If you belong to the large group of people who maintain the believe that either male or female is superior over the other answer me this question. Who is superior the male or the female, the masculine or feminine. Knowing that in some species females are masculine and males are feminine. Perhaps you should change your mantra to those with a large parental investment are superior to those with a small parental investment or vice versa. I now conclude as I have done before that male and female are in many ways the same with some differences which do not make one superior over the other. If you refuse to see this perhaps due to shortcomings in your intellectual capacity you can remain in the dark ages of ignorance and unjustified believe systems that seem to ad a bit of kick to your life.

People who ignorantly hold on to a belie and reject reason rationality and analytical thinking have a habit of assigning either a positive or negative value on the same trait to make it conform to their believe system.
For instance If a person who thinks Women are superior to Men will witness a man Crying will pronounce him as week, not in control of he's emotions on the other hand if the same person would see a Women Cry the same trait would be labelled as a strength, as being in touch with her emotions, as bring compassionate and empathetic. Such a person would consider a mans muscular strength a weakness or of no value and it would get associated with brainless goons who solve problems with their fists. However if a female athlete had great muscular strength to a degree that she was stronger than the average man it would be seen as a symbol of female achievement, women with power, proof that women can outperform men. This list could continue in the same fashion in favour of eider gender. Any given attribute will always be seen as a strength in one gender while being seen as a weakens in the other.

If someone wants to see one gender as superior to the other whatever the reason or cause for this bias may be, will always be able to fabricate a confirming opinion on the fly. However such opinions are false distorted and simply not real. Neither Males nor females are superior over the other. On the cosmic scale gender becomes so minor so trivial. The cosmos is neither Male nor female it simply is what it is, as it is.

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