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Your Life's True Purpose

Life is but a brief moment between the Cradle and the Grave. Does your life have purpose, are you doing the things that should be done before your time expires, before you to will leave this world never to return.
Dark Graveyard by Moonlight

Every living being that has ever existed was born and eventually dyes. The time of our existence is a short one and very view ever give it much thought to what their life's purpose really is. I would argue that Humans are the only species where most of its members do not live their life's purpose. You to will one day die. It makes no difference whether you are an atheist or whether you believe that you possess a soul which will survive your physical death.

To the views of an Atheist life ceases to exist upon death, and this one life which has a beginning and an end is your only life. The lifes of the dead remain as nothing more than memories in the minds of those who knew them. Many atheists are existential nihilists. It is hard to see purpose in a existence which appears out of nowhere only to disappears again into a dark void of nothingness. Nevertheless there are strong reasons why existential nihilists should live for things that are of importance after all their time is believed to be finite and must not be wasted on hideous and meaningless pursuits.

In the views of an of those who believe in a immortal soul which survives ones physical death. Life has purpose beyond ones physical incarnation. If life exists beyond death then there will be a reason for our time here on earth and our physical incarnation should serve a higher and more meaningful purpose than it does for those who have become blinded and lead astray by meaningless human invented values.

I am Agnostic and I speak to you all. Atheists and duellists, non believers and believers in live beyond the physical. regardless which religion might hold true for you. This is in no way a debate between the two, nor will this article attempt to change your religious believes or absence of believe. The message I want to convey applies to all.
Throughout history many societies have come and gone. Many cultures have adopted human invented values which where then imposed on members of that culture. Modern western culture is no exception. It is a consumerist society dominated by meaningless achievements and greed. A society that worships status and money. Upon death some people have nothing to look back on than a status which will die with them and a large quantity of hoarded money which cannot be taken to the grave. While many more look back on life’s spent struggling but failing to achieve this socially constructed status and wealth. All they have achieved is a small amount of money or even depth for which they have sacrificed every last minute of their existence.

Most people have spent the majority of their lives away from their home where they're meant to live. Away from their Family which is so dear to them, away from their housebound or wife which they are meant to spend their lives with, away from their pets loving company and away from their children which they are meant to enjoy, raise and teach. It is those most important and meaningful parts of your life that gets neglected and sacrificed in the persut of money and status.

Status does exists in some animal hierarchies as well, but in humans the value placed on status has risen to a morbid obsession where status matters so much that one can no longer exist without worrying about ones own status. Status gets attached and associated with just about everything. What is considered to be of high status differs from culture to culture. In our western society status is heavily associated with wealth and job position. Both of which are human inventions that are unnecessary for a life and serve no purpose outside the views of the society which created them. Tragically society judges its members against this fabricated measuring device. People with wealth are regarded of high status and people with high job positions and Career achievements are held in high regard. Many high achieving members of society are blinded by their own achievements constantly striving to gain more. More wealth, more status and higher positions. The rest of society which makes up the majority does not measure up so well. They fail to achieve high status, lacking wealth, high positions and other possessions. The blinded people struggle trough life, invest all their time and effort attempting to climb to the top often with little reward, leaving them perpetually dissatisfied. Always struggling on, always wanting more. Even in failure society praises those that struggle. Being a hard working individuals with a drive to succeed at these socially constructed values has itself become a measure of status and character.

Those who have not gained wealth or status and refuse to sacrifice their life’s attempting to achieve it or to struggle because it is seen as a admirable trait by others are generally looked down upon, and this is a great tragedy. For they are the ones who understand what the meaning and value of their life's are. They are the ones who one day can look back and say my life had meaning and it was lifed with purpose. A real purpose.

Work is another human invention which until recently had no place in human life. Not only is work and employment tearing families apart by occupying people for the majority of the day. The position one holds at work has become a measure of ones status. One of the first questions people often ask when meeting someone is what their occupation is, as if it where the main thing defining that person. It is a tragedy to make this association and it is an even greater tragedy when this association becomes a truth. The fixation on work and money has escalated to morbid heights. It is unfortunate enough that most are blind and indulge in this behaviour. It is even more tragic that those who wish not to participate in this madness have it forced upon them. In western society people have lost the right to live without earning and paying.

So what is Your Lives Purpose and how do You Fulfil its Purpose

When a person is suddenly confronted with their own mortality and the grim reaper is standing close. When one knows that their dais are numbered. It is then that a person will often wake up from this human fabricated madness. wealth, work and status loose their value and become meaningless. One suddenly begins to wonder why these hollow values ever took possession of their life's in the first place. Many efforts and goals become pointless and one asks themselves “What will my existence leave behind and how will I spend my final dais”. When faced with death people will want to spend the rest of their time doing meaningful things such as making up lost time with their families and simply living and enjoying what short time is left of life.
I want you to have this epiphany now. One day you are going to die. And even if that day may be many many years away it will be here much sooner than you realize. Don't wait for retirement, for many die before they ever get there. Your parents will be long gone, your spouse will be old like you and your children will have grown up. You live only once and you can never return so start living while you are still young.
It is normal for young people who have their whole lives ahead of them to have goals to work towards. Such goals should make your live easier and more enjoyable both while you are pursuing the goal and when the goal is achieved.
Humans throughout evolution never pursued a career as it is done in modern western culture. Some humans in history are known for exploring and conquering, but most cavemen and independent peasants never left home in pursuit of money or status to any degree remotely as it is done today. Societies that migrated did so with their in group trough a seasonal route taking their home with them. It was never the norm to leave home to work and pursue money. Neither was status measured against financial achievements, possessions and job positions. At least not until recently and not to such a degree. with the exception with certain cultures that valued treasure which usually was in the possession of kings or leaders. Peasants did not have much pressure or opportunities to rise above their peers and so the urge or need for such achievements where not very strong.
A person should be able to spend most of their time at home with family and or loved ones. If you don't like being home it is because it is the wrong home. A home should be the best place in the world. Parents should be able to raise their own children not pay someone else to do it while they pursue empty ego inflating goals. Historically for most there was no money. People where independent and crafted their own tools, made their own clothes and furniture. Such possessions where of good quality and would get passed down from generation to generation. It was a life without pressure and without deadlines. Objects were crafted with love for personal use or for loved ones. There was no consumerism. Some Things where made to satisfy a need and other things where made out of joy.

The Harsh Reality

Most people today are victims of our modern consumer driven society. We have taxes imposed on us and many don't own any land where we can live our lives as our ancestors have done. The cruellest reality is that we have it forced upon us to participate whether we like it or not. It is a reality that makes me both angry an sad. I hope that you to can see and understand this reality and at least participate as little as is possible while attempting to live a life with purpose to the best of your abilities given the restrictions imposed on you. You have a right to be angry and you have the right to let your voice and opinion be heard. You to should try to get people to wake up from this mad slumber. The more people that awaken to more hope there is for a better future where hopefully we once again can fulfil our life’s purpose uninterrupted by a mad and pestering society.

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